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The day you came into the world
Book - The Day You Came into the World

Book - The Day You Came into the World


This real-life fairytale tells the heartwarming story of how true, unconditional love is born. Perfect for baby showers, new babies, or just because; this is a gift that will keep on giving.

This beautiful book is written by Frances Lalor. Frances is a Brisbane based children’s book author. She is also a mum of two and a primary school teacher, specialising in early childhood. We all know that having a baby changes our lives forever, and in The Day You Came Into the World, Frances Lalor expresses this universal phenomenon in the most touching of ways. Inspired by the birth of her first born daughter, Frances hopes that the book will help parents convey to their children just how special it was to meet them.

A perfect addition to a Little Pawpaw gift set.