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Merino - the magical 'Baby Wool'

The Woolmark Company calls merino the ‘baby wool’. To me, there is something dreamy about it. It reminds me of fluffy candyfloss and soft clouds and delicate, fine pearls. But pure merino has many unique qualities (other than being so super good looking) that makes it the natural choice for your baby.

  1. Merino is a Thermo-regulator so it regulates your baby’s temperature. It does this in two ways. Firstly, it regulates moisture. Merino wool fibres absorb excess moisture (i.e. sweat, water, etc) from your babies skin. This keeps them dry and comfortable when sleeping or awake (sweaty babies are not happy babies). Just don’t get carried away and use it as a nappy, I don’t think its quite that effective :)  Secondly, wool fibres have more air pockets than other fibres. These pockets trap air and help insulate your baby’s temperature. So when it’s cold, merino’s air pockets maintain their body temperature. And when it’s hot, it keeps babies cool by absorbing humidity and expelling it. We know that babies are not that effective at regulating their body temperatures (unlike adults) so using merino helps keep them at that optimal temperature.
  1. Merino is as soft as your baby’s bottom! Merino wool has a natural softness, which is perfect for sensitive skin or babies with eczema and allergies. Merino is keratin based (like your babies hair) so it is about as natural as it gets- this means it doesn’t irritate even the most sensitive skin (It’s so silky soft and light that I must admit, I have considered using Anjali’s wrap as a scarf!)
  2. Merino is super easy care - so more time to sleep in! Merino (unlike many other delicate fabrics) is so easy to care for. It is stain repellent so it prevents stains being absorbed into the fibres. Put away that napisan :) It is odour resistant. Merino is also machine washable so no need to waste your precious time with hand washing. The beauty of merino is that it is naturally elastic so it retains its softness and shape after every wash. So don’t be shy, use it over and over and over. There’s plenty or reasons to :)

Check out Little Pawpaw’s range of Merino wraps and blankets. Also, stay tuned for our Woolmark certified Merino winter range being released in 2016…

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