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Because life as a new mother was not crazy enough...

After the initial madness of being a new mum finally became a routine and I perfected the skill of feeding Anjali whilst brushing my teeth and talking to mum on the phone, I decided to start my own business! The learning curve has been steep but that was something I expected. What I didn’t realise was the challenge of doing this alongside bringing up our little baby. At the first meeting I had with my manufacturer, Anjali squealed and squealed for the entire hour at the top of her lungs. I apologised but no one else seemed fazed. I realised I would simply have to learn to think, talk and be professional whilst rattling a jingly toy with one hand and doing calculations with the other.

Recently, I needed to urgently finalise some of my merino fabrics. In the midst of trying to make some really important decisions for my next product range, part of me was worried about my car being towed (there was no parking available so I parked in a tow away zone and hoped that they went easy on cars with Baby on Board signs), part of me was trying to console a sad baby with a big ouchy (Anjali had had her vaccination that morning), part of me knew I had 12 minutes left till friends arrived home (I had organised a playdate at my place), and another part of me had a rumbly stomach (just needed some lunch !)_ … And suddenly I realised that this was exactly what I had signed up for. Sure, this was my own doing …but oh the sheer joy of it all, the excitement, the happiness, the pride, the fun…

When doubts creep in (as they always will) or I am confused or just too darn tired, I just remind myself that

   ”A ship in the harbour is safe….but that’s not what ships are made for”

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