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Noël’s top 5 pregnancy must-haves

Pregnancy was a gift, it was beautiful, it was the start of our journey with our new little person. But it was also uncomfortable, new and unknown. It was a big leap of faith into the unknown. But in that unknown, there were some things that kept me content, comfortable and happy. This is my must-haves during pregnancy and I just realised it sounds a lot like marketing but it’s not. It’s all my genuine experiences and opinions.

  1. Belly Bean Maternity Pillow - Sleeping through the night takes on a whole new meaning when pregnant. If I could have 4 hours of straight sleep, it was a good night. My back and tummy needed support but all the maternity pillows out there were so big, my husband would end up on the floor! I found the Belly Bean and it was perfect! It is funny looking but it supported my back, my tummy, my knees and kept Prashant on the bedJ It was washable, made of organic cotton and Australian. Ps. This pillow still has not left my bed. Happily used everyday post-pregnancy! Belly Bean Maternity Pillow
  2. Northern Style Thai Massage Spa - I was getting HUGE and things ached and did funny things and all I needed was a good massage. There is a small massage parlour on Lamington Street, New Farm where I would have camped for 9 months if I could afford it. The owner, Becky gives the most amazing, gentle, effective massages. It is a super cosy place and the Honey & Ginger tea they give at the end of the treatment is heavenly. And they also have Hicaps for health insurance now so bonus J Totally recommend. Northern Style Thai Massage
  3. Just Jeans Stretch Skinny Maternity Jeans - This was the best thing since sliced bread. They looked super good and like I was wearing normal jeans, they were very stretchy, sat well under my big tummy and had these waist buttons I could undo if I got even bigger! I wore them to work, wore them out, and wore them at home. I went back and bought a second pair. I believe I lived in them. Perfect. Just Jeans Skinny Maternity Jeans 
  4. Decaf Cappuccino – Café 63 - Having to limit my caffeine intake, I really missed my cappuccinos. New Farm has a super comfortable place called Café 63 that I frequented very often for my uncaffeinated caffeine fix. They just make a good brew. That’s all. Oh plus they give a free bottle of water and cookie each time. Yes please. cafe63
  5. Mum’s cooking - I was so hungry all the time and I started craving my childhood foods. So often I was too tired to cook so mum came to the rescue and cooked me all those meals that I suddenly just ‘had to have’. Maybe that’s why I was so big. Oh well, it was delicious. Mum started packing the food in single meal serves so I could grab it whenever I wanted. Her paranthas were a must for my second breakfast at work. Once, I forgot to take it to work and thought it a catastrophe. So I sent mum a sad message and she actually came to work to personally deliver it to me (freshly cooked too!). I felt like such a baby that mum brought me food to work - but a happy and contented baby nevertheless! A couple of times Prashant eyed my food and I made it clear to him to never, ever touch a pregnant girls food.

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