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I Wool If You Wool!

As a dedication to this naturally beautiful fibre, the Campaign for Wool is celebrating Wool Week Australia from 9th to 15th May 2016. Just in time for the cooler months, the celebrations are in full swing across Australia as the wool community collectively promotes this wonderful textile. Little Pawpaw is celebrating with a special offer of 30% off its entire Merino Range during Wool Week (discount code WOOLWEEK2016)

At Little Pawpaw, we believe in an ethical, natural and peaceful existence. So we are so proud of our Pure Merino Baby Range, especially given the Woolmark Company calls merino the ‘baby wool’. Made in Australia and certified by Ethical Clothing Australia, our fabrics are beautiful on both the inside and outside.

There is something dreamy about Merino, it conjures images of fluffy candyfloss and soft clouds and delicate, fine pearls. But pure merino has many unique qualities (other than its good looks) that makes it the natural choice for your baby.

    1. Merino is NATURAL – it is not man made and the oldest and most effective form of protection from the elements.
    2. Merino is RENEWABLE – as wool is a protein fibre formed in the skin of sheep, a new fleece is produced each year.
    3. Merino is BIODEGRADABLE – wool will decompose in soil in a very short period.
    4. Merino is NATURALLY FLAME-RETARDANT – due to it’s high water and nitrogen content. It also does not melt and stick to skin and produces less fumes in case of a fire.
    5. Merino is SO VERY SOFT – being keratin based, it has a natural softness, which is perfect for sensitive skin or babies with eczema and allergies.
    6. Merino is SUPER EASY CARE - so more time to sleep in! Unlike many other delicate fabrics, Merino is stain and odour resistant and also machine washable. The beauty of merino is that it is naturally elastic so it retains its softness and shape after every wash. So don’t be shy, use it over and over and over. There’s plenty or reasons to :)
    7. Merino is a THERMO-REGULATOR - so it regulates your baby’s temperature in 2 ways.
    - It regulates moisture by absorbing excess moisture (i.e. sweat, water) from your babies skin. This keeps them dry and comfortable when sleeping or awake (sweaty babies are not happy babies).
    - The air pockets in merino fibres trap air and help insulate your baby’s temperature. So when it’s cold, merino’s air pockets maintain their body temperature. And when it’s hot, it keeps babies cool by absorbing humidity and expelling it. We know that babies are not that effective at regulating their body temperatures (unlike adults) so using merino helps keep them at that optimal temperature.

    And the list goes on and on...the benefits of wool are never ending…If you haven’t already, check out the Campaign for Wool website, get yourself some beautiful wool this winter and fall in love with this amazing fabric. But careful, you may never be able to return to synthetics again!

    Check out Little Pawpaw’s gorgeous range of Merino Wool Wraps, Booties and Woolmark certified Merino Wool clothing HERE.

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