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A picture is worth a thousand words

A good photographer can make the world of difference for online businesses. As our products are offered in the virtual world, customers don’t have the benefit of being able to touch and feel the goods. They rely on descriptive details and photography. A good photograph has the ability to show unique features of a product that normally cannot be seen in a 2 dimensional image, i.e. fabric texture. If this can be successfully portrayed, online businesses allow customers a slightly similar shopping experience to a traditional bricks and mortar store.

 When I was designing my new merino range, I was conscious of the fact that merino is a fabric that must be touched to realise it’s sheer softness and its suitability for children. I had been following the work of a particular Brisbane photographer, Michelle McMaster for some months and really liked her work. I approached Michelle and we agreed to work together for the new Little Pawpaw range. From the outset, I was very impressed with Michelle’s knowledge and ideas regarding our photo-shoot. Product photography (especially with baby models) is a complicated task, as both the model and the product need to be photographed in a complimentary manner – it is not sufficient to just photograph a cute baby. Michelle had prepared a detailed run sheet for the photo shoot, brought a variety of appropriate props, a mind full of cute ideas and most importantly, a warm and approachable personality.

The photo shoot was so much fun, we dressed up the babies and made them giggle and took some wonderful shots. Being a mother of three herself, Michelle was delightful with the kids and knew just how to make them comfortable with the camera. I had a tight deadline for when I needed the photos and Michelle worked so hard to edit and have the final photos back to me in less than a week. I was extremely impressed with the finished product and the quality of the work.

If you are in Brisbane and are looking for a personable and understanding photographer that is super talented, do contact Michelle McMaster Photography to discuss your requirements (brilliant discounts available if you mention Little Pawpaw).

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